Tonight Pacific Elizabeth Anglin is in with Cosmic Passport. Elizabeth Anglin and Richard Smith discuss the differing relationships between Humanity, The Vril, the Shetu Regime and the White Reptilians.

The next hour we are joined by Psychic, Spirit Medium and ET Experiencer Skeeter Welhouse!

One Nation(Aus), Brexit(UK), Trump(USA), Putin(Russia)?

Why are people so polarized over a political choice? Work mates for years can’t understand why the other can be so “wrong”?

It is because it is supposed to be. At this time in human history leaders have been placed in positions of power to ignite we the people. Through discord it brings us together. But for what ultimate purpose? These are questions we discuss on “The Shift”. A planet awakening to its future. Life or death, what will happen over the next 3-5 years and why?

“The Shift” airs twice monthly and addresses questions more of the unknown as well as a look into what the future has in store for all of us in the next three years to five as we all await “The Shift”.

** Don’t ask about the future if you can’t handle the prophecies. We don’t call this “The Shift” for nothing. Let’s find out together on The Shift with Skeeter Welhouse.

A seamstress by trade Skeeter is a fashion designer and costume anufacturer. She has been into the paranormal since she saw my first ghost at about 2 years old. It was a dark haired nurse in a early 50’s era nurse’s uniform. Since then Skeeter has experienced many more ghosts & has practiced various forms of divination, including pendulums, cards & palms, in order to communicate with them better. She began studying various occult practices & religions in high school which lead to her becoming an eclectic hedge witch in her senior year. Skeeter did her first formal investigation back in 96 & over the past 2 years has joined several proffesional paranormal teams that have helped me to expand my experience and knowledge base, the Forest Moon Paranormal, Purple Sage Paranormal and New Mexico Paranormal Association.