In first is Elizabeth Anglin with Cosmic Passport. Did you know that Vampires are real? I didn’t. Author Douglas Robinson will fill us in on real medical conditions that leading to real vampires.

In the second hour we are greated live by Spaced Out Weekends intuitive buddy Mary Ann Morgan!

Would you like to know “HOW & WHEN” you’re going to die?
yeah, me either….

From the time she was a small child, Mary Ann Morgan has been able to communicate with what she calls “those on the other side”. Mary Ann now uses her gifts to help and counsel others as a psychic detective and medium. She is one of the top psychics available today, which is shown by her extensive and impressive clientele, including a president, actors, musicians, politicians, defense attorneys, and bereaved families.

Mary Ann also works aggressively as an Analytical Intuitive Profiler (a psychic detective, in layman’s terms) and Crime Scene Analyst for numerous governmental and law enforcement agencies at local, national and international levels to solve violent crimes perpetrated against humanity. Also, her determination to locate lost children and assist in cases involving crimes committed against children is a major part of her life’s work. She has worked extensively on high profile cases including, but not limited to Lacy Peterson, Natalie Holloway and Caylee Anthony.

Mary Ann did extensive work with Dr. Gary Schwartz at the University of Arizona, Tucson in the Human Energy Systems Laboratory and is currently involved in other ongoing research studies with other leading Scientists in a variety of fields. Dr. Gary Schwartz says that “Mary Ann has exceptional psychic gifts and skills that have been documented under controlled laboratory conditions. Mary Ann has the capability to walk the talk and reveal to each of us how we can live full and spiritual lives. Her intentions are of the highest order.” Noted paper concerning ABC.

Most of Mary Ann’s adult life she has been involved with PEACE activism. She was asked to join the UN Women’s Action Committee which fosters and promotes PEACE benefiting Women and Children in countries where there is conflict. Morgan has ventured to war torn and impoverished countries on this part of her mission.

Mary Annn has appeared on national radio and television programs including GMA, The Today Show, Nightline, Discovery Channel, A&E’s “Psychic Detective”,* Biography Channel’s “Psychic Investigators”**, Odyssey, Inside Edition with Deborah Norville, MSNBC Shows – The Abrams Report and Scarborough Country and was featured on Larry King, CNN news shows and reports. Currently both “Psychic Detective and Psychic Investigators” are showing on the OWN Channel.
*(Desert Rose was the season opener on Court TV.)
**(Buried in Debt was the season opener on Psychic Investigators.)

Mary Ann is noted in the books “ARUBA- The Tragic Untold Story of NATALEE HOLLOWAY”, and “Bones in the Desert”, The Loretta Bowersock story, “The Afterlife Experiments: Breakthrough Scientific Evidence of Life After Death”, “The Truth About Medium: Extraordinary Experiments with the real Allison DuBois of NBC’s Medium and other Remarkable Psychics,” and in January of 2007, a paper describing a triple-blind study conducted by the VERITAS Research Program that achieved positive results was published in the peer-reviewed journal, EXPLORE: the Journal of Science & Healing. 2007;3(1):23-27.

In 2002 Mary Ann was advisor to Producer/Director Stephen Simon on Indigo the movie. Indigo had its world premiere at The 2003 Santa Fe Film Festival. Indigo was awarded the prestigious Audience Choice Award.

Mary Ann hosted her own spiritual talk radio show “Living in the Moment-with Mary Ann Morgan” on KTOK 1000-A Clear Channel Station and has been the guest on countless radio shows.