Saturday night April 1st at 9pm Pacific Elizabeth Anglin slides by with Cosmic Passport ith guest Dawn Crystal!

Crystal helps people discover effective and efficient sound healing and move into a pain-free life. She a recognized Voice Sound Healer a respected Intuitive Life Coach and Pain Release Expert – is known as a leading transformational specialist incorporating ancient wisdom for modern day success.

In the 2nd hour James Tyson welcomes back Psychic, Clairvoyant, Innovator & Educator Gabrielle Giet!

Gabrielle is a Psychic Clairvoyant with an exceptional team of spirit guides that provide her information which continually changes lives. Her ‘team’ is made up of four guides that have access to specialized information which allows her to push the boundaries of psychic information. As a result, she has worked with and on a variety of projects all over the world from homicides, hauntings, missing persons to business deals and real estate development.

“Growing up I was the person who thought psychics were frauds. Even though I come from a long line of European psychics, from card readers to tea leaves– they knew what no one else could know, I still didn’t pay it any attention. I dismissed all of the stories. Of my three sisters, who would often beg to know their future– I was never interested in it. I just thought it was silly and a waste of my time.

After having two children, and undergoing severe trauma in my 27th year, my life dramatically changed. In 2003 my psychic abilities for lack of a better way to describe it, kicked in and were turned up to an incredible level– surpassing anyone in my family. I refer to this transformation as my 10 days of crazy. I knew things I should have never have known. It was a lot to process. In fact, it angered many people “How does she know that??”. Information came out of my mouth that even blew my hair back. I was not only changing peoples lives around me, but my own life took on a new shape as well. I began to embrace my gift and to even teach others. I now have four guides Lucey, Myr, Pierre and The Doctor. Each have a role specific to the information I need.”

–Gabrielle Giet