So, do you want to hear something really scary? Or, maybe ghosts don’t bother you? If you’re a paranormal investigator or spirit enthusiast you’ll not want to miss this.

Saturday night on Elizabeth Anglen’s Cosmic Passport at 9pm Pacific, we start with Psychic Remote Viewing and describe what it is. Then, we have some questions;

As a Paranormal Investigator, wouldn’t you like to know the names of the spirits on the property before you get there? Wouldn’t it be nice to know where they are located before snapping endless photos? Would you like to know why they are in e property and how to help if needed?

Well we’ve done this with great success, even moving a cranky spirit on before we attended and confirmed by the client.

Psychic Medium Skeeter Welhouse beams in to talk about some remote viewing she’s done for The Canadian Paranormal Group. Then Skeeter will do a live remote viewing of some haunted locations only known to host James Tyson and guest Para-Investigator Mike Morin.

Tune in to see what happens.

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