After Cosmic Passport we welcome Skeeter Welhouse and Paranormal guests in to remote view haunted locations and see what is still there. Skeeter will only be give a photo of the location by the investigator themselves. She will remote view the location as the investigator themself walks through the home from memory of their visit. Do the spirits remember the investigator? Is Skeeter accurate on her description of the property? Let’s find out together on Spaced Out Weekend.

First up is Dawn Kirkham of Beyond Belief Paranormal Events.
Dawn brings us two locations of interest, one in Wewstern Canada and the other in the United kingdom

-Beyond Belief Paranormal Events is a paranormal research team located in Victoria, Vancouver Island, BC. The team consists of six core members led by Dawn Kirkham who founded the group in 2010. Dawn is a clairvoyant medium from the UK who has been working in the field of paranormal research for 20 years. Beyond Belief Paranormal Events, also work with a small group of dedicated and wonderful evidential mediums. Primarily the work of the team is focused on consulting on paranormal occurrences in homes and businesses. They also host public events to raise awareness of their work and enable others to attend a paranormal investigation and have their own experiences. To connect with their work or to contact them about a paranormal occurrence please visit their Facebook Page Beyond Belief Paranormal Events.