Pacific Elizabeth Anglin is in with Cosmic Passport and life long paranormal experiences with Evie Sawaquat.

The next hour we are joined by Psychic, Spirit Medium and ET Experiencer Skeeter Welhouse and her guest Seth Michael!

The Shift airs twice monthley that addresses questions more of the unknown and as well as a look into what the future has in store for all of us in the next three years as we all await “The Shift”.

Let’s find out together on The Shift with Skeeter Welhouse.

Skeeter has been into the paranormal since she saw her first ghost at about 2 years old. It was a dark haired nurse in a early 50’s era nurse’s uniform. Since then Skeeter has experienced many more ghosts.

Skeeter did her first formal investigation back in 96 & over the past few years has joined several proffesional paranormal teams that have helped me to expand her experience and knowledge base, the Forest Moon Paranormal, Purple Sage Paranormal and New Mexico Paranormal Association. She is an adviser and spirit crossing practitioner at Canadian Paranormal.

*Seth Michael is a natural born psychic/medium with over 26 years of experience giving formal readings. In addition to his work doing private and larger group readings, he co-founded a paranormal team called White Light Paranormal Insight where he is a Medium and the Director of Spiritual Resolves. Seth also co-hosted a web radio show called, Into the Light with Seth Michael and Teresa Kleve on Blog talk radio for several years, and is an instructor for Awaken-Yourself Psychic/Medium Workshops, classes meant to empower each person. Seth Michael’s passion and intent is to assist others in reaching their higher-self and honing in on their own individual strengths. Seth Michael is also the primary focus of a documentary currently in production.